Getting your days organized, making sure you are teaching your kids about God, and having family Bible time can seem like hard to do tasks! That’s why I created these free printables to help!

Use the Stay-at-Home-Mom bundle to get your days organized with a daily schedule and daily checklist + an additional resources page for your kiddos.

The Family Bible Guide is great to get started and incorporate family bible time into your daily life. It includes popular Bible stories with a summary, scripture reference, key points, and prayer to pray! Perfect for getting even your young toddlers started in learning about God’s Word.

The Fruit of The Spirit printable activity bundle for kids is PERFECT for teaching them on this important topic! Filled with fun activities and learning resources, your kids will learn about each fruit of the spirit while having a fun activity. Perfect for day-to-day life, homeschooling, or Sunday school teachers!

These printable Biblical Affirmations for kids are perfect to use to positively affirm your kids each day while teaching them biblical truths. Print out these cards, laminate, and let your kids read one a day!

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