“Joy To The World” Fingerpaint Lights Christmas Craft For Kids

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Are you looking for a super fun DIY craft to do with your kids this winter season? Bonus points if it is budget-friendly and can be pointed back to Christ as well, right??

Grab the kids’ paint and make some fun memories with this simple fingerpaint Joy to the World Lights Christmas craft!

joy to the world christmas craft

Joy To The World Craft For Kids

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Christmas crafts are always a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit, and can be an excellent opportunity to point our kids to Christ!

The great thing about this craft is it is SO easy, but because of the fun paint element, your kids will have so much fun! And you will have a keepsake for years to come.

It’s perfect for kids of any age, but especially your younger kiddos. Definitely, something the whole family can do to spend time together.

Keep reading for step-by-step instructions for this simple, FUN, finger-paint craft your whole family will love…

How To Make The Joy To The World Craft

Before we get into these step-by-step instructions on how to make this fun craft, here are the supplies you will need to complete it.

The good news, it’s super budget-friendly and you may already have some of this in your home! 🙂

Supply List:

Step-by-Step Instructions For The Joy To The World Craft:

Now that you have gathered your supplies, follow these simple steps to make this fun Joy to the World craft! 🙂

1. So first you want to assemble everything.

We did this craft on our living room floor with a sheet underneath. It was easier to sit on the floor for us, but you could definitely cover your kitchen table as well!

Grab your paint, canvas, markers, and wipes (you will need these haha!) and have everything set out.

2. Next, draw the lights “strand” on your canvas with a black marker or sharpie. I freehanded this, but you can definitely find an image on google and get an idea of how to draw it.

Draw it toward the top of the canvas so you can have room for the stickers/vinyl saying at the bottom!

3. Fingerpaint time!!! Your kids will love this part. 🙂

We used red, purple, and green paint because we already had these colors, but you can do traditional Christmas light colors too such as yellow, blue, green, red, etc.

I found it was easier to pick one color at a time and space them out.

We started with red and I guided her fingers (she was only 3 at the time, older kiddos can do this on their own) and pressed down right under the black “light strand” line.

Make sure to leave some room, then go back and add the second color, then the third. That way you don’t have to wipe their fingers after every single time!

4. Cut out the letters for “Joy to the World” on your Cricut or use the stickers.

I actually used my Mom’s Cricut machine and cut out “JOY” and “WORLD” on some black sticky vinyl. For the red letters, I used regular scrapbooking stickers in red.

Personally, I like the contrast between the two colors!

You can either do all stickers, all cut vinyl, or a mix like I did! The effect will be the same. 🙂

Place the letters to spell out the saying “Joy to the World” at the bottom and ta-da!

5. Write the date and each child’s name on the back.

This is more so for you Mom, so you can look back and remember how old they were and the fun memories you made!

Simply let it dry for a couple hours and you are finished!!

After we finished ours completely I pulled out some regular construction paper I had and just let her go crazy on it haha!

She loved the finger painting so much and since we already had it out, it actually worked out as a second fun activity for her to do.

Plus it’ll give you time to get everything else cleaned up and time for the paint to dry!

*Side note – you can do ANY saying you want on the canvas! We did Joy to the World because I love the song and that it represents Jesus and the joy that came when He was born.

Here are some other sayings you could put on there instead:

  • Glory to God in the highest
  • Merry & Bright
  • Unto us a child is born

Anything to do with Christmas and Jesus would be great! You could even make multiple canvases with different sayings.

Ways to Use To Use This Joy To The World Craft

You can use this Joy to the World craft is as a keepsake for years to come!

We have ours hanging up in our living room – I am definitely one of those moms that displays my daughter’s crafts and homemade things EVERYWHERE.

Our tree is filled with real ornaments as well as hers that she has made at church and school. And you should see our fridge. If that isn’t your thing you may not want to haha!

This would make beautiful, handmade home decor for Christmas. Plus, i’s also a good way to show off what your child made, and help them feel proud!

You could also do this craft in your kids’ Sunday school class or Wednesday evenings. It would be a fun thing to make with them and have them bring home to their parents! 🙂

joy to the world craft for kids

Joy To The World Fingerpaint Lights Christmas Craft

I hope you and your kids are enjoying this Christmas season and are filling your advent calendars with fun activities, including this one!

Have a blast doing this super fun DIY craft to do with your kids this winter! Most importantly, make sure to always point them back to the TRUE reason for the season, Jesus. 🙂

Check out these other awesome Christmas crafts for toddlers too!

What kinds of Christmas crafts do your kids like? Let me know in the comments!

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