Fantastic Christian Resources To Use At Home For Kids

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Did any notice how difficult it could be to find good, quality Christian resources for kids?

Well, I’ve saved you the time and found some FANTASTIC Christian resources that are great for encouraging godly habits in your kids. 🙂 We personally use most of these, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

best Christian resources kids

Best Christian Resources For Kids

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This is hands down our absolute FAVORITE Christian resource for kids!!

If you are looking for a kid-safe screen time app for your kids, look no further! As a work-at-home-mom, I know the guilt that comes with too much screen time for kids.

But with this, I can seriously rest easy and not feel bad about screen time, because of these great, Christian TV shows!

Go Minno is a Christian-based streaming service that includes over 126 shows. Plus their website has tons of helpful resources for parents and raising godly kids in this culture!

We subscribed to this over 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions we have made! Our favorites are the 5-minute family devotionals – this already gives you the short summary of the story, a verse to remember and questions to talk about!

Some great benefits to Go Minno:
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • 126 shows and counting
  • Over 30 episodes of VeggieTales
  • Can be used on phone, tablet, TV, or computer
  • Download your favorite shows offline
  • Stream on multiple devices at once

Their mission is: “We believe you should have a choice for your family that reflects your faith and values. Other streaming apps have commercials or questionable shows. Feel confident in letting your kids choose any show they want to watch on Minno.”

It is only $6.99 a month which is VERY budget-friendly, and I would choose it over Netflix & Hulu (which is a big deal!!!). This is worth it for just the devotionals alone! You also get your FIRST MONTH FREE and can cancel if you don’t love it, so you can’t really lose. 😉


This book is like no other! This 200-page book is for ages 2 and up. The pictures are so colorful & fun!! It’s very easy to read and follow along and the best part… it comes with a CD to listen to the stories! Yay!

Put the CD in the DVD player and help your kids follow along in the book. The sound effects as they read keep them engaged, so it’s not just a “boring” read along.

This is such a great and fresh way to combine hearing and reading God’s word, without screen time! It doubles as a great resource to help your toddler learn how to read too. 😉

There are 6 stories from the Old Testament and 7 from the New Testament.

We have used this for Family Bible Time as well, and love reading and listening together!


This story book Bible is one of our favorites and such a classic!

There are over 90 stories, from both the Old Testament and New Testament.

This book is great for lots of ages! You can even read these to younger toddlers and infants as they look at the bright and fun pictures throughout.


Bible Adventures is a series from LifeKids on Youtube. I love that they cater to different ages, especially toddlers!

They cover lots of Bible stories and make them easy to understand with fun little songs!

Each episode is about 20-25 minutes, which is a great amount of time – not too long to have screen time, but also long enough for you to get some work done! You can even go over some questions with them after.

Christian Resources For Kids

Spend more time doing other things without having to worry about what your kids are watching or reading with these great Christian resources!

Enjoy these together as a family during your family Bible time too. 😉

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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