Mama Sing My Song {Book Review}

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Our kids need to know how much we truly value them, love them, and what a gift they are to us. How can we remind them each day?

This beautiful book, Mama Sing my Song does a wonderful job of encouraging your children in who God made them to be! Check out more details in this review…

mama sing my song book review

A Sweet Melody of God’s Love For Your Children

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Our children are such precious gifts from the Lord, and this book does a wonderful job of reminding them of that!

There are so many negative influences in this world, and worldly advice leads to lower self-esteem, and not seeing ourselves as who God made us to be.

It’s tough even as adults, let alone for our kids! When you have tiny babies or grown-up preteens, read them this book filled with sweet promises and what God says about how He made them.

This beautiful book was written by Amanda Seibert, and has a sturdy cover with regular pages. Keep reading for more pictures and details!

The book follows a rhyming, sing-song tune which is great for little kids! Not only that, it also includes a QR code to download and listen to the song that goes with it.

Here’s a snapshot of the inside so you can get a look and feel for the book:

mama sing my song book review

This book would be great to read to your infants (reading is SO beneficial at any age!) as a sweet bedtime story and prayer over their life.

I really appreciate these pages at the beginning and end. There’s a spot to list the following things:

  • Wonderful Qualities I See in You
  • My Hopes and Dreams for Your Life
  • Special Meaning of Your Name
  • A Word or Verse I Speak over Your Life
  • My Prayer for You

This book would make a wonderful baby shower gift, Christmas gift, or faith-based gift for any occasion! It’s a must-have on your bookshelf. 🙂

You can grab it from the website here, on Amazon, or enter for a chance to win a free copy here!

mama sing my song book review

Mama Sing My Song Book Review

I pray that this book blesses you and your family, and it helps remind your and your kids what precious gifts they are from the Lord. I’ll end with my favorite page quote…

“But I’m not the only one singing your song- there’s One who’s been singing over you all along. From morning to evening and all through the night, God sings this to you with joy and delight.” Mama Sing My Song

*This book was sent as a complimentary gift – but all reviews and opinions are my own!

Feel Free To Share - Thanks! ❤

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